Entry #1

I'm making a side scroller

2008-10-13 09:49:45 by Rauska

I have llimited time to make a side scroller like Metal slug I will probably post it 3 weeks from 10/13 ...I'll try make it downloadable for people to improve on when its done, if anyone has links that helped them, in making a side scroller, I would appreciate it. thanx


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2008-10-13 11:34:34

why do you have three weeks from today?

Rauska responds:

It was for my final at uni


2009-01-22 03:56:40

dude that game is sick, don't open source it though, keep it for yourself... improve it make it better, i cannot believe its at such a low score, it should be at 4... not 3...

well i guess make it longer and make a intro and story line and it is a daily first...

Rauska responds:

Thanks man =D